Manila Mart & Cafe Wants You On Our Team!

We’re hiring!
Job descriptions of each available position have been posted below.

Interested in working with our team?

We’re hiring! As the progress of our renovations continue, we are constantly looking for more people to join our team. Please completely fill out the job application provided through our website or email it directly to Click here to access our job application.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Be apart of our creative Social Media Content Creator team!

Be our determined Fronthouse Supervisor

Be our perservering Fronthouse General Manager

Be our diligent Fronthouse Assistant General Manager

Be apart of our enthusiastic Food & Drink Expeditors!

Be apart of our dedicated General Kitchen Staff/Prep Team!

Be apart of our motivated Front House Team!

Be apart of our talented Executive Chef Team!

Be apart of our high-spirited Line Cook/Station Specific Team!

Be apart of our skilled Sous Chef Team!

Be apart of our brilliant Executive Sous Chef Team!

Be apart of our hard working Dishwasher/Food Prepper

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