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Since Manila Mart first started in 1996, we’ve made it our goal to provide excellent customer service, along with a variety of essential Filipino grocery products.  Since establishing our kitchen in 2011, we still pride ourselves on continuing to uphold service with a smile, as well as serving you with high quality home-style Filipino food 

satisfy your craving

Manila Mart hopes to catch your attention when it comes to serving you delicious quality food made with love, patience, and fresh ingredients. We want every bite you take leaving your taste buds wishing for more.

Manila Mart serves not only as a filipino grocery store, but also as a unique Filipino turo-turo (“point-point”) cafe. “Turo-turo” in Tagalog means “point-point” and describes the type of food service.  A large selection of food is put on display that you can choose from, but the choice of dishes varies from day to day.  This way of serving food is a popular concept in the Philippines.  We pride ourselves on fast service, but don’t cut corners when it comes to serving you quality food.  Some food items run out fast, so be sure to call us to reserve your favorite menu items today! Daily menu items are subject to change due to market availability. 
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