Manila Mart was established in 1996 serving the community as a Filipino/Asian specialty grocery store. In 2011 we grew to serving the community not only as a grocery store, but also as a Filipino fast casual café.

We are a family company built on cultural tradition, love for one another, and big personality. Manila Mart is known for being a family-friendly Filipino brand rooted in the communities it serves; sharing Filipino culture and customs through food with one positive customer experience at a time.
Other Services We Offer:
Money Remittance to the Philippines
Trans Fast – New York Bay Remittance
* Exchange rate changes daily

Balikbayan Boxes
-Makati Express
-Manila Forwarders
    Maryland Lottery
Size Dimension Manila Luzon Viz/Min
Makati Express Regular 28x17x18 75 75 85
Jumbo 28x17x25 90 90 100
Super Jumbo 28x17x34 120 120 130
Atlas Regular 17x18x28 70 70 75
Macho 24x18x24 75 75 80
Manila Forwarders
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