Manila Mart was established in 1996 serving the community as a Filipino/Asian specialty grocery store. In 2011 we grew to serving the community not only as a grocery store, but also as a Filipino fast casual café.

We are a family company built on cultural tradition, love for one another, and big personality. Manila Mart is known for being a family-friendly Filipino brand rooted in the communities it serves; sharing Filipino culture and customs through food with one positive customer experience at a time.

Other Services We Offer:

Money Remittance to the Philippines

Trans Fast – New York Bay Remittance

* Exchange rate changes daily. Call (301) 931-0086 for todays

change rate. Rate does not change on weeekends

Balikbayan Boxes

-Makati Express

-Manila Forwarders


 Phone numberSizeDimensionManilaLuzonViz/Min
Makati Express443-608-0310Regular28x17x18757585
 Super Jumbo28x17x34120120130
Manila Forwarders703-339-4920
Call the number for the pricing

* Prices subject to change without notice

Maryland Lottery

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